Reach your musical potential.


Specialist brass tuition for all


Rookie learner or aspiring professional musician? We offer friendly,  world-class lessons from just $10 for all stages of learning.  Hone your skills and express your musical ideas with confidence. 

We tutor a range of instruments from trumpet to trombone, French horn to euphonium. If you are starting out, you can hire a P (plastic) trumpet or trombone.

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Convenient lessons, right here in Dunedin, NZ.

What people say
I look forward to a Wednesday lunchtime because I have trumpet lessons. The teacher is really nice and he doesn’t make things hard or easy.
— Student
I have seen value for every student who has participated, and in some cases the benefits have been life-changing.
— School
We really appreciate that the lessons are affordable. I think they will produce more confident, musically able teenagers/young people.
— Parent
A great new innovation to be able to offer the students... It would be wonderful if the programme could be extended to include even more Dunedin primary schools.
— School